Grow A Stache

So you've decided to sacrifice your upper lip for the Kidds?

Let's get this party started!

Step 1 - Fundraise

  • Follow this link:
  • Click on the green "Join Team" button near the top of the page.
  • Click on Select next to the type of your choice. Grower - Plan to grow a stache. Gardener - Want to help raise money but no stache.
  • Your FirstGiving account: Fill in the required information.
  • Join a team: Select an option and click Next. If you want to create a team with your co-workers you can create one or join the existing one.
  • Registrant 1: Read & agree to the waiver statement at the bottom.
  • Create a personal fundraising page:
    • Page title: Let the creative juices flow. Example - Nate Bacon : 'A Study in Mustaches as Art'.
    • Select an image or upload your own: Upload a photo of your mustache goal or at least what you hope it will look like. Example - Tom Selleck.
      • Note: This image will be used for your "Inspiration" photo on the Current Growers page. If you want us to use something different send the image to
    • Your story: This is your chance to tell people why you are doing this. Humor is always recommended.
    • How much do you plan to raise? Enter a goal for your fundraising.
    • Make first donation to your page: Nothing says "I'm committed" like making your own first donation, however this is optional!
  • Payment: Fill in the required financial information.
  • You'll be added to the Current Growers page within a day of creating your fundraiser.

Step 2 - Promote

Shamelessly promote your page to your friends and co-workers through Social Media and Email. After all this is for the Kidds.

Step 3 - Participate

Attend the checkpoints and most importantly the grand finale known as the Stache Bash.

  • View the Schedule of Events.
  • Get your checkpoint pictures taken. Miss a checkpoint? Send a photo to to keep your progress up-to-date on the Current Growers page.
  • Enjoy the Happy Hour specials starting at 5:30pm.
  • Critique everyone else's majestic/pathetic excuses for a mustache.
  • Start planning your costume for the Stache Bash!

Step 4 - Have Fun!

Get crazy! It's only 4 weeks, how bad can your upper lip really look?